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Hardcore Update 06/05/2013

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After attempting several times over the last few days to write up this blog, it's finally arrived. Apologies for the lateness (as I announced the blog was up on Thursday on Twitter last week), so let's get on with it!

Viva Las Hardcore

Darren Styles has recently been announced on the line up for a huge dance festival in Las Vegas (the Electric Daisy Carnival) which features some of the biggest names in dance music, including Benny Benassi, Avicii, Calvin Harris and Sub Focus to name just four of the dozens included on the bill. This is a huge coup for the UK Hardcore scene and gives the recognition of a major international festival to the genre. But does this mean we in the UK will begin to lose the top of our bills at events nationwide? With this news and the announcement by DJ Gammer that he has recently acquired a working visa for the USA, along with DJ Brisk's relocation to Australia, many UK-based fans are likely concerned.

Radio Whizzkid

The latest edition of Kutski's Radio 1 show featured MC Whizzkid discussing the latest developments for FutureWorld records, including what the thinking behind the decision to collaborate on a label was and more. To sum up, Whizzkid said it was all about ensuring there was a label with regular releases with the guaranteed highest quality. He also suggested FutureWorld were looking to do their own events as early as later this year. He did stress that the scene needs the diversity from other labels and artists and that they were not against bringing other producers in for projects or events. There was an excellent mix on the show from the guys at FutureWorld which you can still check out here.

Bank Holiday Madness

I was planning to sum up some of the exciting plans there were in the UK Hardcore scene for the Bank Holiday weekend, but seeing as I haven't been able to post until today, it seems a bit pointless. Rest assured some of the events looked outstanding and I hope everyone involved has enjoyed them.

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