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Top 5: Hardcore Songs You've Never Heard

There are the obvious classics, and then there are the obscure gems that only few have heard: we take a look at some of the best Hardcore that you have probably never heard (and should have made the effort to)

In this digital age, some would say it has never been easier for music producers to get their songs online and to have them heard by thousands of people. Thanks to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and a host of music selling sites including iTunes and Amazon, as well as dance-specific pages such as TrackItDown or Juno, it is easier than ever to put your music online. But having it heard is another thing altogether. Especially in the Hardcore scene, everyone would have themselves as a DJ and producer. This is both one of the genre's biggest strengths and weaknesses in equal measure. On the one hand, everyone can express themselves and be involved in the music, and there is always that opportunity to find the diamonds in the rough. However, with ever more content comes sometimes decreasing standards of production and also saturation of the market to breaking point. The supply of songs can sometimes far outstrip the demand. 

This can also mean that, over the years, some great songs sometimes do not get quite the prominence that they deserve, as they may not have been promoted or played enough for people to recognise. Here, we salute five of the best UK Hardcore tracks that slipped through the cracks. 

Fretman - Jackhammer

Jackhammer is literally a hammer of a track, with a four-to-the-floor style melody that is incredibly catchy and a bassline that fits right in with the current sound of UK Hardcore, despite being released in 2011. Fretman is probably best known for his 2009 track with Alex F "Fire", but shows that his production standards can still reach the highest heights.

Crazy 1 - Happiness (Is Music)

Now producing mainly German Trance, Crazy 1 dabbled in UK Hardcore in early 2010. Massively uplifting, "Happiness (Is Music)" has a fantastic, uplifting arrangement and a riff which, despite not being well known, sounds like you've heard it before. This song is so rare, even online, that the only link I could find for it was in a mix over on "Happiness (Is Music)" is the first track in the mix. 

Edit: Crazy 1 has been in touch with The Hardcore Review's Twitter page to point out that there is actually a YouTube video of "Happiness (Is Music)", which you can check out here

DeeJayBee & Compulsion - The Outlaw

The Outlaw was one of my personal favourite songs from when I first heard it in late 2004, and one of the major tracks that pushed me into the scene in general. I was probably too young to understand whether or not it was popular at the time, but searching for it online makes me doubt it was too well known. From the now defunct Infinity Recordings, DeejayBee and Compulsion (also known as the mastermind behind "The Call") created a fantastic track, brilliant melody and one of the absolute best introductions to any UK Hardcore song ever. If you can find it online, you need to hear it.

Al Storm - Bustin'

Although Al Storm (also known as Black & White) is well established in the Hardcore scene, this track somehow made it through the cracks. I remember hearing this and thinking how brilliant the creativity was on this track, using a simple, minimalistic main melody and bit-chip effects to accompany. Perhaps the reason for its' lack of playing time is because the bass is flatter than most UK Hardcore you would usually find, but I find this complements the track perfectly. Massively underrated and underplayed.

Steven Davidson - Need That

Finally, a song so rare I can't seem to find any trace of how it sounds on the internet. One of the best examples of what I like to call "squeak-core"; that scratching high-pitched repetitive riff that gives the highest energy to a room. The cut-offs on some of the tune and bass notes add to the bounciness of the track, and the come-down phase in the middle of the track makes you dance around wherever you are. 

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