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Executive Records: The End of the Start

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Executive Records: The End of the Start

A label that has always pushed up and coming talent will be closing its doors. They leave behind the blueprint for how to promote talent

The initial reaction to the announcement that Executive Records is to be shut down in the coming weeks for me was pretty saddening. Some of my very favourite DJs were given their early opportunities by signing up to Executive. So I felt it was only appropriate to give a brief history of this label as we get closer to the plug being pulled on this hardcore life machine.

Releasing the bouncy Freeform track "Executive" in 2004, the label's chief DJ Haze quickly sought to branch out beyond just one type of Hardcore, so quickly found themselves releasing Upfront UK Hardcore as well. The track "Sweet Release" saw airplay on Radio 1 and was one of the more popular underground tracks of 2005. 

All one has to do is cast an eye over the talent to have produced and released on Executive to give an idea of the launch pad it has provided to many. Originating in Australia, DJs from the UK & USA have found themselves breaking through partially or mainly due to the label, notably Leeds-based SPIT (who had the impressive hit "The Beginning" & a personal favourite of mine, "SPIT Rock" on his EP with the label) as well as Australia's S3RL & Weaver getting outings early in their careers. This is a pattern that Executive are seeing through right to their end, with releases from relative newcomers Patch, Nizzle & Yorkshire Ripper all scheduled for release or recently out and still available.

Executive Records (and its sister digital label) sets the blueprint for how labels such as Lethal Theory Raw or Klubbed Up Nu School should run themselves. The scene as a whole will miss the void left by the variety-driven label when it's soon gone.

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