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Paul Rodriguez Passes Away

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Paul Rodriguez: An Obituary

As a man with eclectic musical tastes, Rodriguez offered wisdom and experience to artists and pushed some musicians to new heights

Paul Rodriguez, the man behind some of the biggest tracks and albums published in UK Hardcore and beyond, has passed away. Rave legend Billy 'Daniel' Bunter described Rodriguez as his "back bone and biggest inspiration in music."

A man with over 30 years experience in the publishing industry, Rodriguez left Intersong/Chappell Music in 1974 and began building what became a titanic musical empire, peaking in 2003 by being named the "10th Biggest Music Producer of Hit Singles in the UK".

Much of the success that Paul Rodriguez Music (his eponymous company) had in 2003 came from the Ultrabeat remake of the 1997 Force & Styles hit "Pretty Green Eyes", which peaked at #2 in the UK Singles Charts and is still one of the most widely recognised dance tunes of all time. The follow up songs also achieved chart success with "Feelin' Fine" (#12) and "Better Than Life" (#23) also performing well. 

Rodriguez was a known advocate of the UK Hardcore, publishing artists such as Breeze, CLSM and Hixxy. Indeed, for the latter two, Rodriguez performs guest speaking vocals on Hixxy's "Thou Shalt Not Forget" and on CLSM's "Rearrange Beats" , and I'm almost certain I have heard his voice elsewhere (if you have, please tweet me to let me know). 

Although I never met Rodriguez personally, it is clear he has done much for the UK Hardcore scene. However, Rodriguez also drew his tastes from the world of Reggae, Jazz and Contemporary Classic as well as Electronic and Drum & Bass. Paul Rodriguez Music also had input for many TV shows (such as The Weakest Link, Skins and Dancing On Ice) and advertisements (including the now-iconic Famous Grouse theme). 

A man who has inspired many, not only by the success he accomplished, but also by sticking with his passions within music when others may have faltered, Rodriguez will be sorely missed by those who understood his contribution (look in the sleeve of virtually ANY UK Hardcore CD and his name will be attached in the credits somewhere). 

The words from the aforementioned "Thou Shalt Not Forget" ring truer than ever. RIP to a true legend of the scene.

"They still don't understand, that people like what they like, we're not all sheep who follow the commands that they write. They try to convince and dictate what's cool. But we are Hardcore, and we don't live by this rule. When it suits, they'll try and destroy us once more, but please don't forget the time that they tried it before. Bring on their best, but don't forget the cry: Hardcore Will Never Die."

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