Friday, 3 July 2015

It's Exciting Again

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After months of being teased about something different, we've finally put together a hardcore music show unlike any other - Find the details below

9 months ago THR and UK Hardcore fell out.

Nothing really happened - in fact THR had just launched the Hardcore Review Show; a revolutionary concept where we delved deeper than other podcasts into how the music was made. The first episode, "So What is TripletCore?", which you can hear at the top of this page, was really well-received.

Episode two was supposed to be a killer too, with a guest mix and interview with a UK Hardcore legend. This is where it got awkward. 

The DJ in question gave a date he was happy to be interviewed, then disappeared when subsequent texts and emails were sent his way confirming a time. THR Show was put back a week to try and reschedule. Another date was primarily agreed, but nothing came of it. Frustration built. 

It got to the point where he then asked THR why we hadn't had the interview yet. This was confusing, as THR had been trying to organise nothing BUT the interview for weeks. 

So push came to shove and THR abandoned plans for episode 2. We regressed into our cage. But also, nothing was really inspiring us in the scene. Not many releases, and lots of same-sounding records when there were. We lost a little hope and belief and moved on.

But here we are now. We're reinvigorated, revitalised and ready to try again. We won't announce dates or plans yet, but THR Show is coming back. It's going to be better than it was before. And we're just getting started.

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