Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Arrival of The Hardcore Review Show

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It's Finally Here...

After months of being teased about something different, we've finally put together a hardcore music show unlike any other - Find the details below

THR love hardcore podcasts. What.What you usually end up with is slick, quick mixing that plays all the hottest tracks from a given moment in time over a 45 minute period and that sounds great. 

But in no other scene than Hardcore is music churned up and discarded so quickly. Most producers can assemble between 25-30 high quality tracks a year, that are played on maybe one album (if they're lucky) and then forgotten about. Only the most hyped about tracks get any real time to breathe and become classics. More DJs and producers are flooding in to the scene to offer new musical experiences, but over-saturation often ends up leaving epic songs missed by most ravers.

At THR, we worry that this culture makes it's way to the guys producing this top-class stuff too. Around mid-2008 THR spoke to Al Storm and told him how much we enjoyed his remix of Slipmatt & Slam's "Express". His response was to suggest that the song was old-hat and he was surprised we had even remembered it. Go and check this song out while you read the rest of this.

THR have therefore decided that this practice can go on no longer! We will stride forward and celebrate not just what is great about now, but what was excellent before! 

We also want to explore the creation of hardcore music a little more deeply. so we devised a segment that we will call #HardcoreAnatomy (go on, you can tweet about it now) where we examine an aspect of the scene in detail. We start with the rise and fall of Tripletcore (which is something you may never even have heard of, meaning you should DEFINITELY listen), and will have much more to come in the future.

This is the start of a beautiful journey through the Hardcore cosmos. Join us. Get yourself across to iTunes and subscribe so you don't EVER miss a future edition. 

Oh, and we've only gone and got a HUGE hardcore name to be interviewed on the second edition of the show. We announce that name on the show that you can listen to right now. Just you wait.

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